Decision Support Tools


Farming is a knowledge-intensive undertaking in which it is easy to experience information overload. There is a need for decision support tools that minimize information overload while maximizing the sustainability of cropping systems by helping farmers and farm advisors to make the best possible choices for their unique cropping system goals and constraints. These tools help farmers better allocate resources and labor, increase efficiency, and cut costs, while sustainably improving soil health and conserving water resources.


Our team draws on insights from sources including the PSA modeling and field experiment teams to develop farmer decision support tools focused on cover crop species selection and mix/seeding rate optimization, economics, and soil N and moisture dynamics, among others. Partners in tool development include collaborators at Purdue University, Texas A&M University, and the University of Georgia. Our Northeast Cover Crops Council Species Selector Tool is online here.

Data Collection

It is our goal to continuously update and refine our tools. To that end, all tools include a link to a feedback form. We strongly encourage users to let us know when they find a bug or disagree with tool output (e.g., cover crop ratings for a given trait).

Screenshot of the NECCC Cover Crop Species Selector Tool.
Photo credit: V. Ackroyd.