Education Team


Cover crops and how they’re utilized is as varied as cash crops across different regions and environmental contexts. As enthusiasm and use of cover crops continues to grow across the country, there is a desire from students to better understand how cover crops can be used in sustainable systems. The PSA education team will coordinate across nine universities to develop a common course syllabus that connects students from across the country.


With the rapid amount of innovation and change in cover crop research, gaps can develop in the knowledge that students receive in their university courses. The PSA education team has worked to develop a shared curriculum that brings together diverse backgrounds and management styles to give students a more well-rounded understanding of cover crops. Students who participate in the PSA education course will use concepts of agroecology to think about the future of cover crops and how they can be used to address environmental issues. Students will also have the opportunity to network with students taking the same course at other universities to share their knowledge and experiences with one another.

Data Collection

Course effectiveness is often evaluated through student end of course surveys and evaluations administered at the beginning and end of semesters to identify changes in student knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Students collecting data in a field.
Photo credit: PSA education team.