Extension Team


The extension system was designed for researchers at land-grant universities to share information from their studies with their state and communities. The PSA extension team is leading the effort to share relevant and robust information with growers and their advisors about cover crop incorporation. This is done through field days,bulletins, and other digital media like the decision support tools (DSTs) that are under development by PSA.


The PSA extension team works with the cover crops councils from the Northeast, Midwest, South, and West to communicate project and grower needs with one another. This collaboration between councils helps to get information out to a broader audience, and strengthens networking and idea sharing for growers and researchers across the country. With coordination across all PSA partners, our PSA extension team can create more robust products and tools to deliver growers the information they need.


The PSA extension team makes a great impact on cover crop adoption across the US by providing growers the best cover crop recommendations for their region, cropping system, and management style. We do this through the synergy of combining research from the whole PSA network, which creates a larger knowledge base. We can prevent the duplication of efforts by adapting national research data and models for regional specificity. 

Attendees view cover crop breeding plots at a NECCC field day.
Photo credit: Mirsky lab.