Field Research

Photo visually represents the idea that this section of the website summarizes and links to field research.
Photo credit: Mirsky lab.
Deploying common research protocols to study the short-term effects of cover crops on farms that currently grow cover crops, but which may differ in management methods. Read more…
Determining how grass and legume cover crops impact soil N cycling and optimum N fertilizer management for the subsequent crop. Read more…
Quantifying how timing of cereal rye termination influences pest (insects and slugs), disease, and weed populations in the subsequent corn cash crop. Read more…

Processes and Tools

Soil sampling tools in a field.
Photo credit: S. Wayman.
Overseeing the operations of data collection, structure, and data management and providing support to the whole PSA Network from data collection to data visualizations. Read more…
Developing and refining tools designed to simplify decision-making related to cover crops in the areas of species selection and management, nutrient and water management, and economics. Read more
Facilitating the use of remote sensing technologies (e.g., satellites, sensor boxes) to minimize the need for destructive field sampling. Read more
Developing, calibrating, and validating models relating cover crop performance to biotic and abiotic factors using data from the PSA field experiments. Read more

Human-Cover Crop Interface

People in a field at a workshop.
Photo credit: Mirsky lab.
Creating and delivering a novel multi-institution, multi-region upper-level undergraduate course centered on cover crops. Read more
Effectively integrating cover crop research and practice by engaging stakeholders as collaborators and exchanging information in a variety of ways. Read more
Determining the effectiveness of a cover crop information ecology for participatory research and practice. Read more